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Delight customers and reduce churn with a suite of service applications

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Applications to streamline your Salesforce org

As technology has advanced, so too has the number of tools and channels we use to interact with our customers. The more advanced the sales and implementation cycle, the greater the number of customer interactions. Our suite of Service Operations applications help Salesforce customers to centralize and streamline this activity, all natively within Salesforce.

Solving real customer pain-points

Our products are designed to solve real customer pain-points. We’re deeply embedded in the Salesforce ecosystem and we build and buy tools that help Salesforce customers to better serve their end users.

An integrated suite of Service Operation applications

The Salesforce AppExchange continues to grow, and it can be difficult navigating through an increasing number of tools and wondering how they will integrate with your existing solutions.. Our integrated suite of applications simplifies your Salesforce experience and helps you deliver for your customers.

Our Products

Mirage Telephony

CTI Connector for Salesforce

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Inventory management and asset tracking in Salesforce

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Scan Anything

Scan any barcode or QR code directly within Salesforce.

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