Add candidates to Salesforce in seconds

Don’t waste time copy and pasting candidate details from LinkedIn to Salesforce. Use Recruiter Bolt to create leads, contacts and accounts in just a few clicks.

Used by

Charles Aris
CTC Resourcing
Jarvis Recruitment
Ridgeway Partners
YER Group

Spend more time talking to candidates

As a recruiter, your candidate pool is integral to your success,  the more high quality candidates in your CRM, the better chance  you have to make a placement. RecruiterBolt allows you to instantly add people from LinkedIn  into Salesforce in just a few clicks.

We hate duplicate records in Salesforce, we’re sure you do too

Duplicate records usually leads to a poor candidate experience; use Recruiterbolt to check for duplicate records in Salesforce, directly within Linkedin.

Native Salesforce experience, all within LinkedIn

Surface Salesforce records and related activity every time you view a LinkedIn profile. Our native connection with Salesforce gives you a like-for-like CRM experience within LinkedIn; including supporting all your custom fields.

ELTON revolutionized our inventory management and asset tracking. It is easy to use, has simplified our processes, and works natively in Salesforce. The ROI on ELTON is high, we've saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Western Nelson, Associate Manager - Application Support
I feel quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Gordon & the ELTON team. Their approach, responsiveness and agile development model has given us lot of benefit.
Charmaine Chui, Program Manager
Salesbolt is opening up new marketing and sales avenues for Breadwinner. We're now able to effectively get ahead of our demand generation efforts
Curt Hopmann, Former CEO

Our Products


A LinkedIn to Salesforce Chrome extension - add contacts to Salesforce in one click

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Salesbolt Enrich

Real-time role and company change alerts for your prospects within Salesforce

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Inventory management and asset tracking in Salesforce

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Scan Anything

Scan any barcode or QR code directly within Salesforce.

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