Start scanning barcodes in the Salesforce Mobile App

Install Scan Anything and start linking barcodes to any record. Once scanned, you can use the tool to open records or embed it into any existing business process.

Used by

BAE Systems
Cervus Defence
Orbis Compliance
Sunwize Power

Add our flow component into any existing business process

You can embed the Scan Anything flow component into any business process.  We’ve included a template for adding products to opportunities to get you started.

From inventory management to shipment tracking...

Scan Anything has a broad range of use cases including inventory and warehouse operations, lab sample tracking and recording product shipments and deliveries.

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Set up scannable fields against any object (standard or custom)

Scan Anything accepts over 100 barcode formats, allowing you to associate your product with any standard or custom object within Salesforce.

ELTON revolutionized our inventory management and asset tracking. It is easy to use, has simplified our processes, and works natively in Salesforce. The ROI on ELTON is high, we've saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Western Nelson, Associate Manager - Application Support
I feel quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Gordon & the ELTON team. Their approach, responsiveness and agile development model has given us lot of benefit.
Charmaine Chui, Program Manager
Salesbolt is opening up new marketing and sales avenues for Breadwinner. We're now able to effectively get ahead of our demand generation efforts
Curt Hopmann, Former CEO

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Mirage Telephony

CTI Connector for Salesforce

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Inventory management and asset tracking in Salesforce

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