Equipment Location Tracking for Salesforce

Optimize the inventory management of loan and demo equipment with ELTON.

Used by

GE Healthcare
National Instruments

Optimize your pre-sales process with instant inventory management

The pool of equipment that you loan to a customer or prospective customer for evaluation purposes is really hard to track and can be time-intensive to assign.

Assigning equipment to salespeople and then onto customers is time consuming;  optimise your pre-sales funnel by scanning a QRor barcode and instantly update the data in Salesforce.

Your inventory is both an asset and an opportunity; don’t lose track of it

Losing high value equipment has two costs; the equipment itselfand the lost sales opportunity of not fulfilling orders.

Don’t use excel to keep track of your most-valuable assets, scan and update directly in Salesforce using ELTON

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Stay compliant with industry and federal regulatory requirements

Don’t fall foul of state and national regulations such as the Sunshine Act . Keep track of your inventory and trust the data to ensure you stay compliant with both financial and healthcare legislation.

“We're continually striving to optimize our workflows and improve data quality. Recruiterbolt has been instrumental in this effort, allowing us to quickly add new candidates within seconds, dramatically decreasing our daily manual data entry.”
Sharon Everall, Group IT Manager, Proco Group
ELTON revolutionized our inventory management and asset tracking. It is easy to use, has simplified our processes, and works natively in Salesforce. The ROI on ELTON is high, we've saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Western Nelson, Associate Manager - Application Support
I feel quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Gordon & the ELTON team. Their approach, responsiveness and agile development model has given us lot of benefit.
Charmaine Chui, Program Manager
Salesbolt is opening up new marketing and sales avenues for Breadwinner. We're now able to effectively get ahead of our demand generation efforts
Curt Hopmann, Former CEO

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